Data Visualization Engineer

Santa Clara, CA, USAKyiv, UkraineBangalore, India
About the position

Volterra is looking for a Data Visualization Engineer to join our creative team of UI designers and developers. You’ll be engineering solutions for presenting large amounts of information in ways that are universally understandable or easy to interpret and spot patterns, trends and correlations. These representations include (but not limited to) charts, graphs, infographics and other diagrams. Data visualization is not purely technical, it has a strong design element and requires a deep understanding of the theoretical factors involved in communicating information visually. A successful data visualization engineer understands the fundamental principles of visual display of information, knows why certain visual structures resonate with viewers and which are the most effective ways to encode information into graphics.

  • Visualize information for networking, machine learning, geospatial, business intelligence and other domains.
  • Architect a data visualization framework using D3, SVG, WebGL, Typescript.
  • Develop advanced data-driven visualization components and interfaces for frontend.
  • Code while considering performance, scalability, maintainability, and flexibility
  • Collaborate on defining user interfaces that work effectively both for external customers and internal customers ranging from general managers, operations, security investigators, data scientists.
Minimum qualifications:
  • Master's degree in CS or equivalent industry experience.
  • Minimum 5 years experience as a software engineer (frontend or full stack).
  • Expert knowledge of HTML/CSS/SVG, JavaScript and D3. To be able to reproduce any of the visualization methods you see.
  • Experience working with frontend frameworks such as Angular or React
  • Regardless of the technology, you have to understand the principles of design, both graphical and more generally user-centered design.
  • Eagerness to learn and get better at what you do, understanding that teamwork is how we get there.

About the company

Volterra provides a distributed cloud platform to deploy, connect, secure and operate applications and data across multi-cloud and edge sites.
Line-of-business leaders can drive business transformation and automation by distributing workloads closer to business activity. DevOps teams can manage fleets of applications and infrastructure with less complexity. Network teams can simplify application connectivity and security across clouds.

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