IP Address Alloators


This document provides instructions on how to create IP Address Allocators in VoltConsole. An IP Address Allocator object is used to allocate an address or subnet from a given address pool. The mode of the allocator object determines if the allocation is limited within the local site or if the allocation is across different sites (global). The allocator creates a subnet based on the defined allocation scheme. For example, an allocation scheme can define the prefix length of the subnet to be allocated.

Note: Currently, only the local mode of allocation is supported.

Using the instructions provided in this guide, you can create an IP address allocator using an address pool and specify how the subnets are to be allocated.


Note: In case you do not have an account, see Create a Volterra Account.

  • One or more registered sites in the enterprise tenant.

Note: If you do not have a registered site, see How-to Create a Site.

Create an IP Address Allocator

Perform the following steps to create an IP address allocator in VoltConsole:

create address allocator
Figure: Create Address Allocator

Step 1: Log into VoltConsole and start creating an IP address allocator.

Select the System namespace on the namespace selector. Select Manage from the configuration menu and select Networking from the options pane. Select IP Address Allocators and click Add Address Allocator.

Step 2: Enter the Metadata.
  • Enter a name for the address allocator. This name must be unique within the namespace and entered in RFC 1035 format (like a domain name, for example: acmecorp-web or acmecorp-web.com).
  • Optionally select one or more labels. For each label, select a key and corresponding value.
  • Optionally enter a human readable description for the address allocator
Step 3: Configure the Address Allocation Scheme.
  • In the Address Allocator Mode dropdown, select Local.

    Note: Currently only Local mode is implemented, meaning the address allocator will be limited to allocating within the local cluster or site.

  • In the Allocation Unit field, enter a prefix length indicating the size of each allocated subnet. Use the arrow keys to increment or derement the value
  • In the Local Interface Address Type dropdown, select an offset type.
  • In the Local Interface Address Offset field, enter an offset vlue.
Step 4: Enter the Address Pool.

The address(es) entered here will be used to allocate addresses and/or submasks for clients of this address allocator.

  • In the Address Pool field, enter an address in IPv4 format, i.e.
  • Optionally enter additional addresses using the Add item button.
Step 5: Complete IP Address Allocator creation

Press Save and Exit.

Delete an IP Address Allocator

Step 1: Log into VoltConsole and view your existing IP address allocator(s).

Select the System namespace on the namespace selector. Select Manage from the configuration menu, then select Networking, and then IP Address Allocators to see a table of all your address allocators.

Step 2: Delete an address selector.
  • In the table, find the address selector you want to delete.
  • At the right side of that row, click the ... button to see the pop-up menu.
  • Click the trashcan button, and you will be asked for confirmation.
  • Click the Delete button to confirm the deletion.


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