SSO - Google


In this document, you’ll learn how to configure Google SSO integration to Volterra for your Enterprise Account. For an overview of Volterra, visit About Volterra.



Configuration Steps

Step 1: Log in to the Google Developer Console with your administrator access. Go to IAM & Admin section. Click the Create Project button. Provide the Project name and Project ID you want, then click the Create button.

Figure: GCP IAM and Admin View

Figure: Create a new project

Step 2: Navigate to the APIs & Services section in the Google Developer Console. On that screen, navigate to OAuth consent screen. Select Internal and click on Create button.

oauth int
Figure: API Credentials

Step 3: Fill in OAuth consent screen details.

oauth consent
Figure: Content Screen

Step 4: Navigate to Credentials tab, select OAuth client ID under the Create credentials button, create OAuth client ID and client secret.

create oauth client
Figure: Credentials Tab

Figure: Create OAuth Client ID

Note: Leave ‘Authorized redirect URIs’ field as blank, this can be provided once the URI is obtained from VoltConsole SSO Portal.

Step 5: Once credentials are created a Client ID and Client Secret are generated which are required to set SSO. Copy the same to be provided in VoltConsole.

Figure: OAuth client ID

Step 6: Login to Volterra Console with admin credentials, select ‘SSO’ from ‘IAM’ tab in the ‘system’ namespace and click on ‘Setup SSO’.

Figure: Volterra SSO Setup Page

Step 7: Select Google, provide ‘Client ID’ and ‘Client Secret’ obtained from step 5.

Figure: Select Provider

Figure: Client ID and Client Secret

Step 8: Copy the Redirect URL. This is used in OAuth client configuration.

redirect uri
Figure: Well Known URL

Step 9: Log back in to the Google Developer Console, navigate to API & Services section, click on OAuth consent screen, click on edit app. Under Authorized domains, add as the domain.

oauth add volt
Figure: Add Authorized Domain

Step 10: Click on Credentials page through the navigation pane. Edit the OAuth 2.0 Client ID to add authorized redirect URI(obtained in Step 8) and click on the save button.

Figure: Configure Redirect URI

Step 11: Log out of the Volterra Console. The subsequent logins get serviced through Google.


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