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What is a Good Control Plane to Operate a Large Number of Kubernetes Clusters?

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Connect & Secure Globally Distributed Apps

A SaaS-based offering that delivers high-performance connectivity
and zero-trust security between multiple cloud and edge sites using
Volterra's global network and distributed app gateway


Application-centric network and security services for heterogeneous environments


  • Significant Cost

    Connecting from clouds to data centers / Internet is costly due to network service, device and integration costs

  • Higher Risk

    Disparate infrastructure across different environments increases policy complexity and reduces visibility

  • Poor Performance

    Hub and spoke architectures for DMZ and Internet / SaaS access impact app performance and user experience

  • Operational Complexity

    Varied infrastructure across sites adds complexity to integration, maintenance and correlation of metrics /logs /alerts


  • Cost Optimized

    Consolidated network + security software stack and secure connectivity service significantly lower total costs

  • Reduced Risk

    Security and compliance policies embedded at all network layers reduces risk and improves protection

  • Performance

    High-speed global private backbone with cloud-based DMZ and ability to run workloads in a network-based cloud

  • Simplified Operations

    Integrated software stack provides a single pane-of-glass for policy and operations, as well as end-to-end observability

Key capabilities

VoltMesh provides distributed cloud services to connect and secure data and applications across the edge, network and multi-cloud.

Application Services

Distributed Application Management
API Gateway
App Security
Continuous Delivery & Verification
App Identity
and Secrets
Load Balancing
Service Mesh

Infrastructure Services

Distributed Infrastructure Management
Secure Networking
Optimized OS
Distributed Storage
Managed Kubernetes
Secure Backbone


(Volterra or Commodity)
(Volterra or Telco)

Why VoltMesh?

Fleet Operations

Reduce operational costs across a fleet of edge or cloud sites with SaaS-based provisioning, policy, security, observability, and life-cycle management of connectivity and security services

Global Infrastructure

Improve security of distributed infrastructure with high performance private backbone, densely interconnected global network, and application-oriented security services with capability to offload applications at the edge

Performance & Scale

Achieve on-demand delivery of secure connectivity services across many sites with a purpose-built control plane and high performance data plane for L3-L7+ network services

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Application Security

Public facing applications across multi-cloud need reliable access using global load balancing or anycast services and secured from attacks from automated bots, malware, etc

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Multi-cluster Secure Mesh

VoltMesh along with Volterra global network provides identity-based policy, security, connectivity, and observability for legacy and microservices application across multiple clusters and multi-cloud

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Secure Edge Gateway

VoltMesh provides high performance connectivity, routing, application load balancing, API gateway, and security services with centralized operations and observability across a fleet of edge sites

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