Multi-Cluster Load Balancer & API Gateway

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Built for Modern & Distributed Apps that Require Automation, Performance & Visibility

VoltMesh is a SaaS-based service and automatically deploys in your cloud VPCs/VNETs. VoltMesh instances across multiple app clusters seamlessly connect into our global network and use our control plane to provide a globally distributed load balancer, API gateway and app security.

VoltConsole provides centralized policy, observability, lifecycle management and automation across all VoltMesh instances.

Distributed Apps automation graph
Distributed Apps automation graph

Improve Reliability, Performance & Security of Your Apps across Clusters or Clouds

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Reduce downtime by relying on our advanced traffic management and global control plane that distributes endpoint health across all clusters and cloud locations

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Provide consistent performance by connecting clusters in multiple clouds using our global network with the option to terminate end user TLS connections

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Reduce risks with multi-layer security including ML-powered API discovery, DDoS mitigation, automated policy, and end-to-end encryption for compliance

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Simplify automation teams with Volterra public APIs, Terraform provider, and vesctl. In addition, IAM and multi-tenancy provide app teams with a self-service capability

Key Capabilities

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Load Balancer

  • DNS service and Anycast IP or GLB
  • Service discovery (K8s, Consul, DNS)
  • HTTP, TCP, UDP load balancing
  • HTTP connect and forward proxy
  • Traffic management and session persistence
  • Service mesh and tracing integration
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API Gateway

  • Authentication and authorization
  • Role-based access control
  • Rate limiting
  • Advanced policy
  • Metering and accounting
  • API and developer portal
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App Security

  • L3-L7+ DDoS protection
  • Web app firewall (WAF)
  • API discovery and control
  • User-behavior detection
  • Anomaly detection
  • Network and app policy
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  • Automated deployment and upgrades
  • Multi-tenancy for collaboration
  • Log and metrics collection + retention
  • Analytics and visualization
  • Alerting with email, SMS, Slack
  • 3rd party integrations - OpsGenie, Datadog...

VoltMesh vs. Traditional Gateways

API Gateway
Distributed traffic management
Distributed control plane
Multi-layer security (AI powered)
Multi-tenant platform
Logging & metrics
Lifecycle management

Deploy VoltMesh within Minutes

Deploy VoltMesh

Fully automated provisioning of VoltMesh in cloud using the UI or our vesctl CLI - as simple as picking the cloud provider, region, and AZ

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Delegate Domain

Delegate a domain or subdomain to manage creation of public DNS entries and automated provisioning of TLS certificates

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Discover & Route Services>

Configure service discovery of K8s, Consul, or DNS services and implement routing + policy rules to direct incoming requests to discovered services

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Send Requests

Send requests to the specified service or APIs and let VoltMesh handle routing of the requests to the right cluster and endpoint

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  • Secure K8s gateway
  • Multi-cluster load balancer
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