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A SaaS-based offering that delivers high-performance networking and
zero-trust security across clouds and edge sites along with the ability
to offload apps on our global network

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App-centric network and security services for heterogeneous environments


  • Significant Cost

    Multiple appliances, software and connectivity services need to be deployed and managed for app networking and security

  • Operational Complexity

    Increasing number of services with different APIs, policy, and observability requires big investment in automation

  • Limited Collaboration

    Difficult to align DevOps, NetOps, and SecOps across service provisioning and security policies using ticket-based workflows

  • App Performance

    Traditional CDNs and hub/spoke networks were not designed for immersive or large-scale SaaS apps


  • Cost Optimized

    A consolidated networking + security software stack with secure global connectivity lowers total costs

  • SaaS-based Operations

    SaaS-based operations with single pane-of-glass for policy, lifecycle management, and end-to-end observability

  • Multi-Tenancy and Self-Service

    Self-service with separation of duties allows developers, DevOps, NetOps, and SecOps to openly collaborate

  • Application Delivery Network

    Workloads can be hosted and delivered from Volterra’s distributed network, increasing app performance

Industry’s First App-to-App
Networking and Security Service

Unified networking, application delivery and security for hybrid, multi-cloud and edge environments

  • Centralized management plane with distributed control and data plane across cloud or edge
  • API gateway and advanced security via ML-powered discovery, control and delivery
  • Multi-cluster service mesh for microservices and monolithic applications

Full multi-tenancy / self-service for collaboration across DevOps, NetOps, SecOps

High-performance global network with the ability to run applications closer to end-users

24x7 NOC, SOC and SRE services to reduce operational burden

A graph showing App-to-App Networking and Security

“To provide the best playing experience for our players and the most secure environment we use Volterra's VoltMesh service and global private backbone”

Gauthier Astruc Amato

Head of Operations, Betclic

Key Capabilities

VoltMesh provides distributed services to connect and secure data and apps across the edge, network and multi-cloud.

Application Services

Distributed Application Management
API Gateway
API Gateway

High performance, extendable and distributed API gateway for hybrid applications regardless of location.

  • Authentication
  • API routing and load balancing
  • Traffic management and policy
  • Transformation and markup
  • Programmable, pluggable architecture
  • Observability and monitoring
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App Security
Application Security

Easily enable identity-driven security policies and enforcement using algorithmic techniques and machine learning.

  • NG-WAF and anomaly detection
  • Application-level DDOS
  • API endpoint detection and markup
  • API security and rate-limiting
  • Managed PKI identity infrastructure for APIs, apps and networking
  • Vulnerability detection and mitigation
  • Programmable service and identity policies
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Continuous Develop­ment & Verification
App Identity
and Secrets
Load Balancing
Load Balancing

Fully integrated load balancing platform, including distributed proxy, service discovery and security for modern and legacy applications.

  • Global load balancing (GSLB, Anycast)
  • HTTPs (TLS/mTLS) & TCP Proxy
  • Dynamic Reverse Proxy & HTTP Connect
  • Service Discovery & Health Checks
  • Traffic Management
  • Service Policy & Application Microsegmentation
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Service Mesh
Service Mesh

SaaS-based multi-mesh platform, including a centrally managed distributed proxy, service discovery and security for modern and legacy applications.

  • Multi-cluster Secure & Auto Tunnels
  • Service Discovery & Health-checks
  • Traffic Management
  • Identity Authority for AuthN/AuthZ
  • Globally Distributed Load Balancing
  • Service Policy & Advanced Security
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Infrastructure Services

Distributed Infrastructure Management
Secure Networking
Secure Networking

Industry-proven network stack for highly scalable connectivity and security across public clouds, private clouds and the edge.

  • Fully integrated network firewall
  • Forward proxy
  • Routing and SD-WAN
  • VPN (IPsec and SSL)
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Optimized OS
Distributed Storage
Managed Kubernetes
Secure Backbone
Secure Backbone

Global network cloud infrastructure and private backbone with interconnected PoPs and dense peering for high performance connectivity with integrated security.

  • Multi-terabit global backbone
  • Advanced traffic engineering for granular SLAs
  • Network and application security including DDoS, filtering and anomaly detection
  • Physical or tunneled connection to VoltMesh
  • Private connectivity across backbone
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Data Plane Programmability

Data plane programmability through Javascript v8 and customizable policies to address the evolving needs of applications, business policy and regulatory compliance.

  • Custom data plane extensions
  • Data transformations, customized load balancing, HTTP snooping, custom HTTP headers, direct response, terminate/serve requests, etc.
  • Programmable policy framework matching on custom tags, labels and headers
  • Programmable DDoS and security protection
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(Volterra or Commodity)
(Volterra or Telco)

Insights across heterogeneous cloud environments, networks and application layers to provide a full view of application and infrastructure performance, security and health.

  • Global visibility of network and application performance
  • Logs and metrics, alerting and auditability
  • Service-level connectivity metrics and tracing
  • Custom dashboards
  • Integration APIs for 3rd parties
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Run third-party and/or multiple business lines’ applications while providing complete isolation of compute, network and storage resources. Provides the ability to run heterogeneous workloads (containers, VMs) across different namespaces within a tenant.

  • Virtual private compute, storage and networking per namespace
  • Multiple VPNs per namespace
  • Multi-tenancy across shared application and security services
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Why VoltMesh?

Operational Simplification

VoltMesh with its consolidated networking + security services, SaaS-based operations and global network delivers a 12X improvement in time-to-service and productivity for operations teams.


VoltMesh is a shared multi-tenant platform that allows developers, DevOps, NetOps and SecOps to collaborate while maintaining a separation of duties. SecOps can configure policies enforced at different stages of the SDLC.

Advanced API Security

As app traffic is increasingly moving to REST and gRPC, VoltMesh uses advances in AI/ML to automatically discover APIs, enforce security policies, and deliver them across distributed users and app clusters

Ecosystem & Integrations

Diagram showing Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Nutanix, Wmware, Kubernetes and OpenShift logotypes
Broad Platform & Cloud Provider Support

Deliver VoltMesh service to apps running on any platform on any public/private cloud. Connect and secure apps running in VMs, containers, bare metal or serverless.

Diagram showing Kubernetes, Consul, DNS, Istio and LinkerD logotypes
Service Discovery & Service Mesh Integrations

VoltMesh supports multiple service discovery protocols simultaneously - Consul, Kubernetes, and DNS work out of the box. Istio or LinkerD service mesh can integrate with a VoltMesh ingress/egress gateway.

Diagram showing Datadog,Slack, Opsgenie, PageDuty, Splunk and Terraform logotypes
Automation, Alerting & SIEM Integration

VoltMesh’s Terraform provider, vesctl CLI tool, and public APIs deliver to the automation need of app teams. Support for tools like Opsgenie or Slack for alerting and Splunk or Datadog for SIEM simplify life of DevOps and SecOps.

VoltMesh Use Cases

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Multi-Cloud Networking

VoltMesh consolidates networking, security and application delivery to simplify operations, integrate policy and centralize observability. Volterra’s global network provides secure connectivity across multi-cloud and edge.

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Secure Kubernetes Gateway

VoltMesh alongside our global network provides comprehensive networking, security and API services across one or multiple Kubernetes clusters within public/private clouds or edge sites.

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Web App Security

Secure your Internet-facing apps using our global network with built-in DDoS and security services to protect from network, app and API attacks by automated bots, malware, and malicious users.

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App Delivery Network (ADN)

Offload workloads from public or private clouds to our global application delivery network. Run app logic closer to users to improve latency or reduce costs, without changes to your existing CI/CD tools.

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