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Securely share your critical data while ensuring compliance. Simplify end-to-end encryption. Make your existing collaboration tools more secure.

Securely share any sensitive file or data

Send and store confidential information with end-to-end encryption that eliminates the age-old problem of shared secrets and public key mgmt. Maximize privacy of your information. Protect against eavesdropping, compromised data and errors.

A graph showing how VoltShare works: enrypting and decrypting data shared via various platforms (Slack, Dropbox,SharePoint, Email...)

Policy-based access & control

Control access using just an email address — nothing else — and establish the policy you want to enforce and monitor. Then confidently share information with an individual or groups of people.

VoltShare application screenshot showing policies used to define access control

Make your collaboration tools more secure

Share your confidential information like you do today — Slack, email, Dropbox, SharePoint, etc — knowing you have an extra layer of encryption and security policy enforcement, as well as no shared passwords or keys to worry about.

A graph showing sharing encrypted data on various platforms (Slack, Dropbox,SharePoint, Email...)

Compliance & end-to-end control

Simplify compliance through automated logs and auditability for all shared data — including successful and failed decryption attempts. Maintain enterprise-level control of shared data through policy overrides.

A graph showing compliance systems: GDPR, CCPA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC-2

Use Case Videos

Secure Storing and Sharing

An overview of how to use the VoltShare app to securely share or store data with your favorite collaboration tool like Slack or Dropbox.

Demo Documentation
Enterprise Sharing and Governance

An overview of VoltShare's enterprise secure collaboration and governance capabilities that help meet compliance, get visibility, and clear audits easily.

Demo Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is this technology different from solutions that claim end-to-end encryption?
End-to-end encryption is not difficult to achieve using a secure encryption algorithm if a sender and recipient(s) securely share passwords or their PGP keys. However, neither of these are easy to share and keep track of, and do not provide policy-based controls like time limits or revocation as needed. VoltShare does not use passwords for recipients to decrypt their shared content — just a piece of information the sender already knows — e.g. recipient’s email address. In addition, VoltShare provides increased security and compliance through a broad set of policy-based controls and revocation capabilities, as well as detailed logs and analysis. Explore Documentation Documentation link
Q: Why should I use VoltShare if my cloud service provider (e.g. Dropbox or Office 365) or collaboration tools (e.g. Slack or Teams) are already encrypting all my data?
VoltShare does not replace any cloud storage or collaboration services. It helps you more securely store or transfer data so you’re not relying solely on these cloud providers for the privacy and security of your data — essentially providing “layered security”. If these cloud services were ever compromised (externally or from within) or forced to hand over data to a government agency, your data will not be compromised as it is independently encrypted on top of your cloud provider’s underlying security service.
Q: What’s the difference between the free and paid versions of VoltShare?
The free version of VoltShare includes all the functionality required for data encryption, decryption and policy enforcement - using the app or the APIs+SDK. The paid version includes additional functionality for enterprise-level security, compliance audits and governance — including logs for encrypt/decrypt activity + associated policy-based denials, audit logs, policy revocation or overrides, and single sign-on. The paid version also increases the rate limits on the APIs.
Q: How do I install VoltShare?
VoltShare can be easily downloaded from here and installed on your personal computing device. Upon installation, the application will ask you to provide your existing Volterra account credentials or sign-up with Volterra using your existing google, facebook, or github account.
Q: Can Volterra’s infrastructure, SaaS platform or teams get to see my data — either in clear or encrypted form?
No, VoltShare is unique in that Volterra’s cloud infrastructure and SaaS platform never see the actual content shared or the encryption key that the sender’s VoltShare client app randomly generates to protect the data. Everything remains on the sender’s and recipients’ local machines during the encryption and decryption process.
Q: How does Volterra secure my data without transferring any data to its servers?
The VoltShare client software on your computing device encrypts data using the well-known cryptographic algorithms AES-GCM (256-bit) and RSA (2048-bit). The encryption keys themselves are double-protected by other cryptographic keys that are managed by a state-of-the-art key management system in Volterra’s SaaS platform and cloud infrastructure.

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