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What is a Good Control Plane to Operate a Large Number of Kubernetes Clusters?

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Deploy & Operate Globally Distributed Apps

A SaaS-based offering that automates deployment, security and
operations of distributed apps and infrastructure across
multi-cloud or edge


Cloud-native software stack for
managing distributed workloads


  • Cost and Complexity

    Heterogeneous infrastructure with different tooling and operations across cloud and edge raises complexity and cost

  • Scalability Challenges

    Manual workflows and application orchestration across large number of distributed sites makes it difficult to scale

  • Slow Time-to-Service

    Deployment and lifecycle management of applications on independent infrastructure nodes impedes service velocity

  • Higher Risk

    Disjointed identity, lack of end-to-end security, and incomplete visibility creates blind spots and increases risk


  • Cost Optimized and Lower Complexity

    Consistent platform with SaaS based operations across heterogeneous infrastructure reduces complexity and cost

  • Seamless Scalability

    Globally distributed control plane with resource orchestration across a fleet of distributed clusters enables massive scale

  • Rapid Service Delivery

    SaaS-based deployment and lifecycle management across the fleet with centralized intent and policy increases agility

  • Reduced Risk

    Uniform identity, zero trust security, centralized observability, continuous verification removes blind spots and reduces risk

Key capabilities

VoltStack provides distributed services to connect and secure data and applications across the edge, network and multi-cloud.

Application Services

Distributed Application Management
API Gateway
App Security
Continuous Delivery & Verification
App Identity
and Secrets
Load Balancing
Service Mesh

Infrastructure Services

Distributed Infrastructure Management
Secure Networking
Optimized OS
Distributed Storage
Managed Kubernetes
Secure Backbone


(Volterra or Commodity)
(Volterra or Telco)

Why VoltStack?

Fleet Operations

SaaS-based lifecycle management of applications and infrastructure services across a fleet of distributed sites along with intent-based policy and configuration

Security for Distributed
Apps & Data

Verifiable identity across distributed sites that drives security policy and encrypts data (at rest and in transit), along with innovative Blindfold that secures secrets and keys

Cluster Scalability

Purpose-built control plane deployed across our globally distributed infrastructure enables scaling to a very large number of application clusters

Infrastructure options for VoltStack

VoltStack services can be deployed on Volterra hardware,
certified commodity hardware, and public or private cloud

Volterra Industrial Gateway
Volterra Industrial Gateway

Customized appliance for edge use cases
such as manufacturing line/robot edge
and retail stores.

Volterra Industrial Server
Volterra Industrial Server

Customized server for private cloud,
network/telco edge and high-capacity
enterprise edge sites.

Commodity HW, Public Cloud
Commodity HW, Public Clouds

Range of certified 3rd party hardware, from
low-end gateways to high-end servers, as
well as public clouds.

Learn how VoltStack can
help your business

Network Edge

Run applications closer to users or machines to reduce network costs, improve application experience, de-duplicate data. Support for Kubernetes or Javascript v8 functions

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Multi-cloud Application Management

VoltStack provides central orchestration, uniform identity and policy, consolidated observability through a single virtualized kubernetes interface across multiple physical clusters

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Edge Application Management

Deliver a fully managed “edge cloud” with centralized orchestration, security, observability, and operations to reduce the complexity of managing fleet of distributed clusters

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