Edge Cloud that Drives Business & Autonomous Transformation

Volterra provides cloud services for your edge environments to truly transform your products and business processes. We give you the ability to focus on innovating through business applications while our SaaS-based distributed cloud services platform provides the infrastructure and app management to create a global “edge cloud”.

Edge cloud diagramEdge cloud diagramEdge cloud diagram

Challenges & Solutions


  • Operations of a fleet of distributed infrastructure & application services
  • Policy & security of distributed infrastructure, apps & data
  • Reliable & performant connectivity across edge & multi-cloud
  • Heterogeneous and mission-specific architectures introduce complexity


  • SaaS-based service delivery across a fleet of distributed edge
  • Cryptographically secure identity, policy and key-management for zero-trust
  • Volterra global backbone for high performance private connectivity
  • Simplify with consistent services across heterogeneous environment

Business Benefits

Rapid Time to Service

Consistent set of services with simplified configuration, policy, and visibility across a fleet of globally deployed infrastructure increases agility and productivity of devops and SRE teams

Simplify compliance and reduce risk

Cryptographically secure identity across the fleet of edge infrastructure and applications with integrated KMS to encrypt data-at-rest and data-in-motion makes it easier to implement zero-trust security, reduce risk and simplify compliance


Globally distributed control plane with an integrated and lightweight data-plane for L3-L7 network+security services provides the flexibility to scale without any platform concerns

Total cost of ownership

SaaS based delivery of platform services coupled with high performance global network significantly reduces the cost of deployment, operations, and downtime of applications at the edge

Secure Edge Gateway

VoltMesh at the edge consolidates network routing, application load balancing, API gateway, and security services with centralized policy, operations, and observability. Volterra global network adds high performance and secure connectivity across edge and cloud, reducing fleet complexity

Secure Edge GatewaySecure Edge Gateway
  • Zero touch provisioning and lifecycle management
  • Network Routing, VPNs, and SD-WAN
  • Load Balancing and Service Discovery
  • API Gateway
  • Application Policy
  • Network and Application Security

Edge Application Management

VoltStack provides centralized operations, unified identity and policy, consolidated observability with a single virtualized K8s interface across multiple physical clusters deployed across edge locations, dramatically simplifying and cost-reducing devops and secops

Secure Edge GatewaySecure Edge Gateway
  • Zero touch provisioning and OS management
  • Compute, Storage, Network Management
  • Infrastructure lifecycle and operations
  • Application Orchestration, Scaling, and Reliability
  • Identity and Secrets Management
  • Service Mesh, Load Balancing, and API services
  • Application Security and Policy
  • Continuous Deployment and Verification
  • Distributed & Multi-Cluster Application Management

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