Edge Networking & Security

VoltMesh provides networking, security and an API gateway for apps and users at distributed edge sites. Volterra’s global network provides secure connectivity across edge and cloud. VoltConsole simplifies the operation of edge networking and security.

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Challenges & Solutions


  • Difficult to manage multiple networking and security services at the edge
  • Traditional SD-WAN and edge firewalls were not built for app-to-app networking and security
  • Managing network and security policies across a large number of edge sites is an operational nightmare
  • Expensive to build and operate (or outsource) a high-performance secure network to connect edge-to-cloud


  • VoltMesh delivers a consolidated L3-L7+ stack to securely connect users + apps at the edge
  • VoltMesh provides the full set of services required to secure and connect apps at the edge
  • Our control plane removes the need to manage individual sites and enforces intent across your edge + our network
  • Volterra’s global network reduces opex for high-performance and secure connectivity across the edge, cloud and Internet

Solution Overview

VoltMesh can be used as a “secure edge gateway” to consolidate a range of networking, SD-WAN, load balancing, API gateway and security services across edge sites. VoltMesh can be deployed on our industrial- grade edge hardware, your custom hardware or virtual machines.

Each edge deployment terminates at two or more Volterra points of presence (PoPs) for high-performance connectivity to your cloud, data centers and the Internet. VoltConsole provides automated software lifecycle, policy management, as well as global observability to simplify operations across edge sites.

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Key Capabilities
  • Networking, SD-WAN,and security services
  • Service mesh and API GW for applications
  • High-performance edge-to-cloud connectivity
  • Redundant connections to Volterra PoPs
  • Zero-touch provisioning for edge deployments
  • Centralized policy and observability

Business Benefits

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Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

The major increase in app-to-app traffic is requiring high- performance connectivity from edge-to-cloud. VoltMesh reduces costs by consolidating many edge-based services into an easy-to-operate SaaS-based platform.

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Operational simplification

Volterra simplifies work for your operations teams through our SaaS and 24x7 NOC + SOC. Our global network reduces the burden of managing multiple providers for connectivity, security and observability across your edge sites.

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Platform security

VoltMesh’s advanced multi-layer security helps you better protect users, apps and data across distributed edge sites. Volterra’s global network provides highly secure connectivity to/from the Internet, public/private clouds, edge sites.

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Seamless global expansion

The global footprint and scalability of Volterra’s network and SaaS service enables your team to quickly launch services in new geographies. Our distributed control plane will automatically enforce your intent as soon as you deploy a new site.

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