Unlock your Applications & Data with Multi-cloud Service Delivery

Volterra delivers a secure and distributed cloud-native solution to deploy, connect, secure and operate applications across multiple cloud providers and existing on-premises data centers. Our services accelerate business transformation with consistency across multiple public clouds and/or private cloud environments.

Multi-cloud diagramMulti-cloud diagramMulti-cloud diagram

Challenges & Solutions


  • Consistency & operations of services across on-premise & multi-cloud
  • Reliable, performant, & secure connectivity across cloud & internet
  • Policy & security of distributed applications & data across multiple clusters
  • Observability & control of applications across heterogeneous environments


  • SaaS-based services with consistent network and application operations
  • Volterra global infrastructure for secure and private connectivity
  • Global service mesh across multiple clusters with zero-trust application security
  • Centralized observability & continuous verification across all environments

Business Benefits

Cloud flexibility and risk

Use a consistent set of platform services to deliver applications in a multi-cloud environment to reduce dependency, avoid lock-in, and simplify addition of new cloud provider

Simplify compliance and reduce risk

Using a consistent and verifiable identity across any cloud provider to implement zero-trust security and end-to-end encryption, it becomes easier to define and enforce compliance policies

Rapid time to service

Consistent set of services with simplified configuration, policy, and visibility across hybrid applications and heterogeneous infrastructure increases agility

Operational cost reduction

High performance infrastructure with SaaS based delivery of best-of-breed services increases productivity and reduces operational costs

Multi-cloud Application Management

VoltStack provides centralized operations, unified identity and policy, consolidated observability with a single virtualized K8s interface across multiple physical clusters deployed in private or public cloud, dramatically simplifying and cost-reducing devops and secops.

Multi-cloud Application ManagementMulti-cloud Application Management
  • Zero touch provisioning and lifecycle management
  • Distributed Storage Management
  • Application Orchestration, Scaling, and Reliability
  • Identity and Secrets Management
  • Service Mesh, Load Balancing, and API services
  • Application Security and Policy
  • Continuous Deployment and Verification
  • Distributed & Multi-Cluster Application Management

Multi-cluster Secure Mesh

VoltMesh provides identity-based policy, security, connectivity, and observability for legacy and microservices application across multiple clusters. Volterra global network augments this with common identity, zero-trust, and high performance connectivity across cloud providers or regions.

Multi-cluster Secure MeshMulti-cluster Secure Mesh
  • Multi-cloud Direct Connect
  • Network Routing
  • Identity Authority
  • Service Discovery
  • Load Balancing & Service Mesh
  • API Gateway
  • Application Policy
  • Application Security

App & Network Services Consolidation

VoltMesh consolidates routing, load balancing, API gateway, and security services with centralized policy, operations, and observability. Volterra global network can also offload this entire stack from DC or cloud using private network handoff or Volterra nodes reducing operational burden of DMZ.

App & Network Services ConsolidationApp & Network Services Consolidation
  • Network Routing and VPNs
  • Service Discovery
  • Load Balancing
  • API Gateway
  • Application Policy
  • Application Security

Secure Kubernetes Gateway

VoltMesh enables centralized operations, rich observability, and high performance zero-trust connectivity across multi-cloud deployments with identity-based policy across the network and security stack - no overhead of deploying and managing multiple appliances for network, application, and security.

Secure Kubernetes GatewaySecure Kubernetes Gateway
  • Identity Authority
  • Service Discovery
  • Load Balancing
  • API Gateway
  • Application Policy
  • Application Security

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