Secure Kubernetes Gateway

VoltMesh is a next-gen K8s ingress-egress controller that integrates a load balancer, API gateway and multi-layer security. It delivers significant savings through service integration, automation and SaaS-based operation.

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Secure Kubernetes Gateway

Benefits of VoltMesh for
Kubernetes Ingress & Egress

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Faster deployment & simplified ops

DevOps and developers can significantly simplify deployment operations of one or more K8s ingress and egress controllers with our SaaS-based lifecycle management and multi-cluster control plane.

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Maximum security & zero-trust

Implement multi-layer security in and across clusters, including ingress + egress, WAF and DDoS mitigation. Automate zero-trust at the API-level with API discovery and policy-based whitelisting.

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Increased uptime & reliability

Deliver highly available services across clusters or clouds. Use our global network to connect across clusters and expose services to the Internet - with built-in L3-L7 DDoS mitigation, WAF, DNS, and TLS certificate management.

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Improve developer experience

Increase productivity by delivering APIs without VPNs or complex firewall configs. Give simple and secure access to backend services to accelerate testing, and the ability to expose services for inbound testing.

VoltMesh vs. Traditional Ingress Controllers

API gateway
Multi-cluster control plane
Automated DNS + TLS certificates
NG-WAF & egress security
Multi-cloud backbone
End-to-end observability & audit logs
Lifecycle management

Solution Overview

VoltMesh provides a secure Kubernetes ingress and egress controller with a comprehensive set of load balancing, API gateway and multi-layer security capabilities to “connect, secure, and observe” one or multiple Kubernetes clusters. It is automatically deployed via VoltConsole into any K8s cluster with automated software lifecycle management, unified policy enforcement, and aggregated metrics and logs for observability.

Teams have the option to use the Volterra global network for secure, high-performance connectivity across multiple K8s clusters and clouds. It allows you to directly expose select services to the public Internet, perform global traffic management, and get robust DDoS and WAF protection without using additional service providers.

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Key Capabilities
  • API gateway
  • Global traffic management
  • API auto-discovery & control
  • Load balancer & service mesh
  • NG-WAF, DDoS, egress security
  • End-to-end observability

Connect K8s Services within Minutes

Deploy VoltMesh in Public Cloud>

Fully automated provisioning of VoltMesh using the UI or our vesctl CLI - deploy as a VM in your cloud VPC or add as K8s Pod in your cluster

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Delegate Domain>

Delegate a domain or subdomain to manage creation of public DNS entries and automated provisioning of TLS certificates

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Discover & Route Services>

Configure discovery of K8s services and implement routing + policy rules to direct incoming requests to discovered services

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Send Requests>

Send requests to the specified service or APIs and let VoltMesh handle routing of the requests to the right cluster and endpoint

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