A Global Network Cloud for Unprecedented Performance

Volterra global infrastructure and application, networking, and security services provides unprecedented latency and security improvements for customers. Our SaaS-based service gives you an ability to offload applications delivery services to the network cloud to truly transform end-user experience and immersive web applications.

Network cloud diagramNetwork cloud diagramNetwork cloud diagram

Challenges & Solutions


  • Security & reliability of applications in multi-cloud environment
  • Inconsistent app services across network edge and cloud providers
  • Different app network and security services across network and cloud
  • Limited observability and operations APIs from network edge providers


  • Private backbone with dense peering - reliable cloud and internet connectivity
  • Distributed application management across edge, network, and cloud
  • Distributed application gateway across cloud and edge
  • SaaS-based centralized observability & rich API based controls

Business Benefits

Deliver Immersive Experiences

Reduce downstream latency and deliver traffic to the least loaded individual application server using globally distributed VoltMesh gateway. Ability to offload services in the network unleashes immersive applications

Drive Revenue Growth

Improve application uptime using AI/ML driven ddos and API security, improve click-through with lower latency with API offload at the edge to drive revenue growth and customer conversion

Reduce Time to Service

Consistency of application, network, and security services across multi-cloud without worrying about integrating many appliances and different service providers leads to faster time to market

TCO Reduction

SaaS-based service with simple APIs allows for quick deployment and operational savings. Ability to offload data and APIs at the network edge reduces data transmission and processing in centralized clouds

Network Edge Applications

Ability to run applications closer to users and machines to reduce network costs, improve experience, deduplicate data, etc. Multiple run-times like containers, VMs, or v8 functions using K8s APIs and IDE

Network Edge ApplicationsNetwork Edge Applications
  • Application Orchestration, Scaling, and Reliability
  • Identity and Secrets Management
  • Service Mesh, Load Balancing, and API services
  • Application Security and Policy
  • Continuous Deployment and Verification
  • Multi-cluster and Multi-site Application Management

Application Security

Internet facing applications in private or public clouds need to be reliable for global access using global load balancing or anycast services and secured from application or API attacks from automated bots, malware, etc

Application SecurityApplication Security
  • Global Load Balancing or Anycast
  • DDoS Protection for HTTP and Non-HTTP apps
  • Network Firewall
  • Application Load Balancer
  • API Gateway
  • Application Policy
  • Application & API security

Application Acceleration

Improve user experience by reducing latency and throughput to app backend. Ability to terminate user connections to least loaded endpoint in cloud using our globally distributed gateway

Application AccelerationApplication Acceleration
  • Network Routing and VPNs
  • Service Discovery
  • API Gateway

Secure Cloud Network with DMZ

High performance, reliable, and programmatic access based on application needs to global SaaS providers, public cloud providers, and private cloud using a combination of Internet and dedicated private circuits across Volterra’s global infrastructure

Secure Cloud Network with DMZSecure Cloud Network with DMZ
  • Private and Multi-cloud Backbone
  • Private Network Handoff to Volterra Backbone
  • Volterra Nodes as Secure Scale-out Gateways
  • DMZ Network & Security services

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