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Volterra delivers advanced application security, API security, and DDoS mitigation to protect apps deployed in the cloud, data centers or at edge sites. You get the option to deploy VoltMesh alongside your app clusters to accelerate traffic across our global network.

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Challenges & Solutions


  • Distributed and volumetric attacks cannot be handled by legacy security solutions
  • Low and slow ramping application-layer attacks cannot be mitigated by legacy DDoS solutions
  • Implementing zero-trust and API-level security requires significant developer work
  • TLS + TCP optimizations and CDNs are insufficient to deliver immersive web apps


  • Volterra’s PoPs + global private backbone can mitigate massive attacks at the source
  • Volterra’s security software uses algorithms and machine learning to handle sophisticated and camouflaged attacks
  • Automate the discovery of APIs and generation of policy through the AI/ML built into VoltMesh
  • Volterra’s global network delivers K8s-based microservices and JavaScript v8

Solution Overview

Volterra delivers advanced security and DDoS mitigation to protect against L4-L7+ attacks for customer applications deployed in the cloud or at edge sites. Our SaaS-based service delivers a single pane of glass across app, API and security services to simplify operations.

Customers can also deploy VoltMesh alongside their app clusters in cloud locations to get the advanced functionality of our globally distributed application gateway. This can significantly improve web app performance by maintaining persistent and active-active connections to our global network.

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Key Capabilities
  • Volumetric DDoS defense
  • WAFS, BOT, IPS & API security
  • Secrets mgmt for TLS certificates
  • API gateway, API discovery + control
  • Anycast and GSLB
  • LB & proxy (TCP/UDP, HTTPs)
  • App & API acceleration
  • Centralized observability

Business Benefits

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Service Uptime

Improve revenue / profitability by reducing the downtime of revenue-generating apps and relying on our expertise to mitigate sophisticated security attacks

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Consistent Global Experience

Provide a consistent global experience through our network, which uses anycast and GSLB to reduce latency by terminating users at our closest network PoP

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Customer Engagement

Convert and retain more customers by reducing app latency and increasing throughput with the advanced capabilities of VoltMesh and our global private backbone

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Empower your IT and DevOps teams via a SaaS-based platform and central pane of glass to deliver new projects and add new security capabilities with existing resources

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