Domain Delegation


This guide provides instructions on how to delegate your DNS domain to Volterra using the VoltConsole. Delegating the domain to Volterra enables Volterra to manage the domain and be the authoritative domain name server for the domain. Volterra checks the DNS domain configured in the virtual host and verifies that the tenant owns that domain.

Using the instructions provided in this guide, you can perform the following:

  • Create a delegated domain in VoltConsole
  • Update TXT and NS records in your domain records

Volterra performs periodic domain verification.


The following prerequisites apply:


The following image shows the workflow of delegating domain to Volterra:

Figure: Configuration Sequence For Domain Delegation

Configuration Sequence

Delegating your domain to Volterra requires you to perform the following sequence of actions.

Steps Description
Create Delegated Domain Log into the VoltConsole and create a delegated domain object.
Update Records in Your Domain Log into your domain and update the records for Volterra to manage your domain.

The following video presents the domain delegation workflow:

Create Delegated Domain

Delegating your domain for Volterra to manage requires you to create a delegated domain in VoltConsole.

Note: A valid and functioning domain is a prerequisite for creating delegated domain object.

Step 1: Log into the VoltConsole and navigate to delegated domains.

From the system namespace, select Manage in the configuration menu. Select Networking -> Delegated Domains from the options pane and click Add delegated domain.

nav dd
Figure: Navigate to Delegated Domains

Step 2: Create the delegated domain with your domain name.
  • Enter the name for your domain in the Domain Name field as per the DNS 1035 standard. Ensure that this is a valid and functional domain.
  • Select Managed by Volterra for the Domain Method field.
  • Optionally, select Enable for the DNSSEC Mode field to enable DNS security.

create dd new
Figure: Create Delegated Domain

  • Click Continue to complete creating the delegated domain object.

Note: A random TXT string gets generated for the created object and the verification status is set to DNS_DOMAIN_VERIFICATION_PENDING. Copy the string for use in updating TXT records in your domain.

txt gen
Figure: TXT Generated with Pending Domain Verfification

Update Records in Your Domain

Creating a delegated domain generates a text string for that object in VoltConsole. Update your domain records by adding a TXT record with the created string and by adding NS record for resolving to Volterra as authoritative server.

Step 1: Log into your domain and add TXT record.
  • Login to your domain.
  • Navigate to domain records.
  • Add a TXT record as per the following guidelines:

    • Set name with the name you configured for the delegated domain object in the previous chapter.
    • Set type as TXT and value as the TXT value of the delegated domain object created in the previous chapter.

Once the TXT record is added, Volterra periodically tries to verify the TXT record. Once a matching TXT record for the delegated domain is found, the status is set to DNS_DOMAIN_VERIFICATION_SUCCESS. Verification is a one time process and once the verification is completed, the delegated domain remains in this state till the object is deleted. You can also trigger the verification from VoltConsole by navigating to your delegated domain and selecting ... -> Start Verification.

verified nss
Figure: Delegated Domain Verified

Note: The domain record propagation from your host domain may take few minutes.

  • If you have enabled DNSSEC as part of the domain created, then the DNSSEC DS Record column displays the DS record.

dds list
Figure: Delegated Domain With DNSSEC Record

  • Click on the Dnssec DS Record field entry and click Copy DS Record field to copy the DS record information.

dnssec rec
Figure: Copy DNSSEC Record

  • Add the same in your DNS domain parent zone.
Step 2:Add NS record.

Volterra uses NS1 as the managed DNS platform when delegating a domain to Volterra. A zone gets added for the configured and verified domain and is retained till the delegated domain persists.

Note: Parent domains are required to be configured with NS records pointing to this address to resolve the delegated domain records.

Perform the following to add NS record.

  • Login to your domain.
  • Navigate to domain records.
  • Remove the TXT record added in Step 1.
  • Add an NS record as per the following guidelines:

    • Set name with the name you configured for the delegated domain object in the previous chapter.
    • Set type as NS and value as one of the server names of the delegated domain object created in the previous chapter.

Note: The server names are displayed in the Name Servers field for your delegated domain object in the VoltConsole.

Note: After delegating the domain to Volterra, the domain name created in the HTTP load balancer gets the Resource Records (RR) created for the delegated domain. For information on instructions to create HTTP load balancer, see Create HTTP Load Balancer.


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